With Perla entering our home a new wish came up: Breeding!!
The choice to breed with her was easy made after her excellent pedigree , good show results, excellent  X rays of HD and ED, and blood test of D.M. But most important here great character, she is always happy and enjoying life to the fullest. We hope to make a contribution to the character, health and type of the Rhodesian Ridgeback  today. We will breed a litter  according to the rules of the RRCN (Code of Ethics).
We will raise our litter in the living room and spent a lot of time on socialization, which contents visits of adult and children [when they are 3\4 wks], meeting other dog breeds, going to the shopping mall, walk in the woods, driving in the car, let them hear all kind of noise, and walking on a leash. They will be dewormed several times, vaccinated correctly, micro chipped and checked for DS, kinked tail etc by the RRCN. So puppy’s will be checked by our veterinarian, Dutch Kennelclub and the RRCN.
We expect from our puppy-owners to keep in touch with us, to call us for any question\problem. We like to receive pictures,  emails etc about the well being and progress of their dogs.
You are not just getting a puppy—you get a family member.
Ridgeback puppy’s are not only cute, they’ve got a lot of energy, so people who are interested in the breed, please get information, visit dog shows, visit breeders. Only then you can make the right choice.