Int.Champ. “Harmakhis Wisdom Perla”


Breeder        : Sara Venturelli

Date of birth :  28-01-2010
Father          : Ye Japha Gyasi
Mother         : Harmakhis Wisdom Isa
Height          : 64 cm
Weight         : 33 kg

Further info: Full scissor bite, HD A, ED/OCD  free, D.M. free, Spine  good. DNA profile available.

HW Perla is a lovely female with a wonderful temper. She is very relaxed but pays attention to everything what happens around here. She always will explore new things with full confidence.

Perla likes to swim, long walks, biking , but above all hunting. So we started to do Lure Coursing with her and she loves it and can’t get enough of it. We enter the show ring on a regular base , and the results are very promising.  Perla is a very good breed type, strong neck, well angulated in front and rear, good top line,  good feet, good bone, well carried ears, dark eyes, and a good ridge.


CH. San Marino
CH. Montenegro
CH. Meditarinee
Ch. Luxemburg
Int. Ch


Perla’s show results 2012

Perla’s show results 2013

Perla’s Pedigree