About us

We are Adriaan and Michèle de Jong,  living  in a small village called “Linne”, in the south of Holland. In our daily life we run a butcher shop.
There have been dogs in our lives since the beginning. Great Danes. After Beau, our last Great Dane, passed away we decided that it was time for another breed with less health problems. The Rhodesian Ridgeback was not unknown for us, so we started to talk to people who had RR in their lives, read books, searched the internet. After talking to a few breeders we came in contact with Rens and Mariette  of Vizara Rhodesian Ridgeback. We made a call and visited them. We were impressed by their dogs, their knowledge and the way they  talked about having a RR.


We were very lucky because at that time Vizara Likoma Lechaim would have puppy’s of a wonderful Italian boy called Pronkberg Makari. On 05-05-2008 Likoma gave birth to 5 male and 9 female. We visited the puppy’s at the age of 3 weeks for the first time, it was love at first sight, purple boy, the first born. Weekly  visits followed, and our feeling about purple boy got stronger each time. We were very happy when Rens called us and told that purple boy, at the time already called Nenga Nenga would be our boy. We gave him the name Jazz, and he brought the music in our lives. Jazz was, and still is everything we hoped for, a guard , a hunter, and the best friend you can wish for. When Jazz was 1.5 years we decided that we wanted a playmate  for him and what is better than having 1 RR, of course 2RR.


We got in contact with Sara Venturelli of Harmakhis Wisdom RR in Italy, also owner of Jazz his dad Pronkberg Makari. She expected a litter in January 2010 of her female HW Isa who was mated with Ye Japha Gyasi. The puppy’s were born on 27/28jan 2010, 5 female and 1 male. We saw a lot of pictures  and when the puppy’s where 7 weeks I visited Sara and all her beautiful and friendly  dogs and most important Isa and here puppy’s. I loved the little babies right away but one was special for me. Sara agreed. 2 Weeks later we drove to Italy to get our beautiful Italian Girl: Harmakhis Wisdom Perla.


Since the day Perla entered our home and became best friends with Jazz we enjoy  every day, to see them play, having great walks and biking with them .They makes us smile over and over and over again.


Rens and Mariette of Vizara RR and Sara of Harmakhis Wisdom RR, thank you for giving us your precious babies.


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