Nengaira Aziza Ashanti

DSC01177Breeder        : Michèle de Jong
Date of birth : 29-12-2012
Father          : Vizara Nenga Nenga
Mother         : Harmakhis Wisdom Perla
Height          : 62.5 cm
Weight         : 32 kg

Further info  : B-Locus B/b   D-Locus D/D, HD a  ED/OCD free,  JME free,  DM free by parentage  full scissor bite. DNA profile available.
Belg. Youth Champion
Ashanti was the first born from our Aziza Litter. She touched my Hart from the beginning. She is all we dreamed of! Although she has to develop she already is very sound in body and mind. More of her will come!!


Ashanti’s show results 2013

Ashanti’s show results 2014

Ashanti’s show results 2015

Ashanti’s pedigree