Nengaira Days Of Gold aka Mik

Breeder: Michèle de Jong

Date of birth: 04-01-2016

Father: Multi.Ch. Ringerike Mia Mikeno

Mother: Multi.Ch. Harmakhis Wisdom Perla

Height: 70cm

Weight: 44kg

Further info: B-Locus B/B   D-Locus D/D, HD A,ED free, Shoulders OCD free, LTV 7, Spondylose free, DM N/N[no carrier], JME N/N[no carrier]full scissor bite, Ridge gen RR, DNA profile available.

Mik, what can I say!! When just born my heart was going out for him, a strong boy, who looked very after his daddy and grandad ! He developed very nicely, was always patient and playful with his brothers and sisters. When the time came to decide which puppie would stay it was difficult, my mind and heart were telling different things.But every day again I am happy I followed my heart and our, Mik, stayed with us!!

* Belg.Youth.Champion
* Hopkoning
* Golden Winner 2017.2018
* CH.Romania
* CH. Bosnië  Herzegovina
* CH Federation Bosnië  and Herzegovina
* Candidate Croatia CH [3/4]
* CIB Inter.CH
* CH. Belgium

Mik’s show results 2016

Mik’s show results 2017

Mik’s show results 2018

Mik’s Pedigree

Mik’s Offspring